Gaining Followers

So I recently finish reading two books about blogging: Branding for Bloggers: Tips to Grow Your Online Audience and Maximize Your Income (2013, Allworth Press) by Zach Heller and Born to Blog: Building Your Blog for Personal and Business Success One Post at a Time (2013, McGraw Hill) by Mark Schaefer and Stanford Smith. I suppose the first question you could ask is why am I reading such old books? The answer is because they have been sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to read them since I first got the idea to produce this blog.

They both reinforce what I have read in other books and provided a few useful tools. They are both fine books; but, like other marketing books they give me good ideas without giving me what I need to incorporate those ideas. I guess the best example of this is the ubiquitous advice about finding your audience. Part of this is my fault: I have read books that explain the steps you can take to define your target audience, but it has always seemed like more effort than it was worth considering the scale of my work.

I know my wife would read my blog. My mother too, probably. My sister might, but she would tell me she did in any case and quickly move on to the next subject. My dad, definitely not! My daughters and nieces might read it if they are not busy doing something else. Right there, I have a built-in audience of 2 with another 5 or 6 possibles. This does not seem to be the way to earn a living writing a blog; it might be just as effective to forego writing altogether and sleep on their couches.

WordPress says that this blog currently has 29 followers. I have been looking into these followers lately as I am trying to get serious about writing and blogging. Some are them are still chugging along, writing on blogs of their own. Some gave up years ago. Given the amount of feedback I have received it seems like people stumble across your blog and if they read a half-way decent post they follow you in hopes of a quid pro quo. This is an observation, not a complaint; there is no need for anyone to be upset.

Thus far, I have been very sporadic about postings (52 posts since the first on November 10, 2012, an average 7.43 post a year or 1.6 posts a month). I have read, and been told by social media experts, that posting new content each day will rapidly grow your audience. I am working on that at the moment, and I am quite interested to see how long I will keep it up.

4 thoughts on “Gaining Followers

  1. Well, you don’t need to publish new content every day. Consistency is the key. It can be a post a week, but you need to stick to a certain schedule.

    Also, the other half of the battle is networking with fellow bloggers, interacting with them, stuff like that.

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