A Feeling of Deja Vu

So I realized that I wrote two very similar posts: Gaining Followers went up last Thursday and Building an Audience from February 9, 2014. Many things have changed in the five and a half or so years between the two posts. One thing that seems to have stayed the same is my aversion to marketing.

I suppose I could define an audience if I were so inclined. I am more interested in seeing who discovers me. I figure once I have amassed a large enough audience I might get a clue as to what my perfect customer looks like.  If I never amass such an audience, so be it. I have stated on my About page that I am comfortable enough to sustain my blog regardless of whether I actually succeed or not.

Success is a funny thing. Different people define it in different ways. For me it will be enough to meet some interesting people, read some interesting posts, and continue to follow my own interests wherever they may lead. Perhaps I may even build a tribe.

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