Home Network, Part 2

So I have decided how I want my data network to be set up. To start with I need ethernet connections from my living room, garage, and office to terminate in my office. In my office I will have an area set up where the ethernet terminates (like a patch board) and with adequate power outlets (a dozen?). Of course this will take some planning and effort, but I believe it will future proof my home, data wise at least.

I need to get a switch, perhaps a NAS server, patch cords, and on. I think a shelving system is an important choice. I need to make some changes in my office.

The data part, while important, is not the end of it. There is also the stereo part. I don’t know if it should be based on Bluetooth or Wifi. I even found out about Apple Air Play 2 (yet another thing to research). I have been doing constant research on this for the past week, to the neglect of some other things I should be doing (reading and writing).

Along with that my wife and I have been clearing out the needed space in the rooms for the electricians to work. It has been quite a lot of work. Exhausting! It is amazing how many things you have stored away in your life that you completely forget about.

I have had to throw out a lot of things in this process. Things I forgot I had. Things I no longer need. Things I do not now understand that I ever needed to begin with.

All of this because I am getting the electrical in my old house (built in 1939) updated. Funny how this process, which is seemingly outside of myself, causes so much self-reflection. Reflection on what is important to you, along with how much it is worth to you in monetary terms.

What I know is that music and computers are important to my wife and I. Also important is that my house not burn down due to the lack of outlets and the knob and tube wiring. I suppose that as this process unfolds (which begins tomorrow morning) I will learn even more.

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