More Thoughts on Horror

AV Club is one of my favorite websites. Reading the articles allows me to keep abreast of pop culture in general and exposes me to things that I would never find on my own because they are so far outside of my interests. I visit the site daily unless I am on vacation or otherwise occupied. I recommend the site to anybody with an interest in movies, television, music, and the people who create them.

I was reminded of my fondness for the movie The Exorcist after reading a recent article on the AV Club site. The article talks about the film in some detail; anecdotes about the making of the film along with analysis of the impact of the film upon popular culture. One of the more interesting conclusions author Tom Breihan draws about the movie concerns the overall conservatism of the story. He writes, “The Exorcist seems like a transgressive work of art, but it’s built on reverence of tradition. It has trust in institutions.” I thought it was an interesting observation. I have decided to watch the movie again with this in mind; when I can find the time.

Horror is not always about the things you think it is about. I suppose any literature major can tell you that. I am starting to learn. Horror is designed to get us to think. The gods and monsters that plague people within the genre typically point to something greater outside of ourselves that we have the power to defeat, whether individually or as a community, if we can only figure out the solution before we meet our doom.

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