The Battle of the Back Yard

In this episode we will have a little fun with the skills and knowledge we have been working on for the last nine episodes. I will tell the story of my battle with my dogs for control of the back yard and how conflict resolution skills are used to analyze the conflict and plan your way through it.

Conflict Assessment

Conflict assessment is the process of finding out who is affected by a conflict and how it is affecting them. It includes figuring out who is involved as well as their interests, agendas, and positions. A proper conflict assessment usually takes place within a multi-party conflict; that is, a conflict with numerous, more than 2, participants each having incompatible goals.


In this episode we will talk about negotiation. Negotiation is a widely discussed topic. I did an Amazon search on the word negotiation and found that there were over 20,000 books on the topic. Our purpose here is not to learn what negotiation is, or how to do it well; our purpose here is to think about negotiation in the context of conflict.