The secret to success in conflict is not just winning; it is to avoid pointless conflicts and to be prepared when you face an unavoidable conflict. Conflict is scary because there is always a chance that you can lose something important (apart from the time involved) like your relationships, money, and reputation. However, the time spent preparing for conflict minimizes the time it takes to recover from a conflict.

Conflicts are inherently emotional. I help people with managing the emotional part of conflict so that they can zero in on what is important to them. Then we work together to gather the tools and knowledge needed to make sure they protect what is important to them; no matter how heated a conflict might get.


Conflict Assessment and Analysis

Regardless of your role in a conflict your number one priority should be to assess the conflict. This is a fancy way of say you need to figure out who is involved as well as what they are hoping to gain. If you hope to de-escalate or resolve the conflict in any way you have to understand the players involved and decide how you will navigate the roadblocks to resolution. I can help you accomplish this in orderly and effective manner.

Conflict Consulting and Coaching

I can help you clarify and focus on what is important to you. Just as important, I can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are making the best possible decisions within the context of that conflict. To make the best possible decisions, you need to prepare and plan. I can help you gather intelligence, assess and analyze that information, and then work with you to prepare for the subsequent negotiations. I will provide you with shrewd judgments that will empower you to take effective action.


I can provide training on a number of topics for individuals and groups. Each training can be customized to your needs. Past topics include:

  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Communication for Leaders
  • Lateral Leadership
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Groupthink

If you require training on any topic or issue connected to conflict, let me know. Even if I cannot provide you with training myself, I know someone who can develop training specific to your needs.

Contact me for help with your conflicts, big and small

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