• Frustration


    I am writing tonight because I want to have a blog; at least, in a very general way. I like the idea of a blog. I have read how important it is to have one from many sources. A blog can help me accomplish x, y, and z. There are times when I have lots…

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  • More Thoughts on Horror

    AV Club is one of my favorite websites. Reading the articles allows me to keep abreast of pop culture in general and exposes me to things that I would never find on my own because they are so far outside of my interests. I visit the site daily unless I am on vacation or otherwise occupied.…

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  • Toastmasters Night

    Toastmasters Night

    There will not be a regular post tonight. Thank you.

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  • Skunkiness


    So I mentioned the other day about my dogs getting sprayed by our friendly neighborhood skunk. I wanted to expand on that story a bit. I also wanted to offer a little advice about what to do when you or your pets get sprayed by a skunk. I let the dogs out (they usually sleep…

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  • Three Miles

    Three Miles

    A couple of years ago I ran into a gentleman in the business section of Vroman’s.  He was looking for a copy of Adam Smith’s An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. We started a discussion about economics and inequality. A few minutes into the conversation he asked me if…

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  • Home Network, Part 3

    Home Network, Part 3

    The last time I posted anything was just shy of a month ago. The work related to keeping things clear enough for the electricians to work was nonstop the entire period they were working (September 21 through October 5 for my wife and me). On Sunday October 6 my wife and I were off to…

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  • Home Network, Part 2

    Home Network, Part 2

    So I have decided how I want my data network to be set up. To start with I need ethernet connections from my living room, garage, and office to terminate in my office. In my office I will have an area set up where the ethernet terminates (like a patch board) and with adequate power…

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  • Home Network

    Home Network

    Tonight I am preoccupied with building a home network. I am having electrical work done to my house starting next week. As part of the work I am having some network cables installed. One of the questions I have to answer is how I want these terminated. Should I have a patch panel installed? Should…

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  • Getting Out of Bed is a Bad Idea

    Most days during the week, getting out of bed seems like a bad idea. Sure, I will have to get out of bed at some point to go to the bathroom or because I am hungry, but that is a natural progression. I am talking about getting up for work in the morning. Getting out…

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  • IVAT 24th International Summit on Violence, Abuse & Trauma

    This past Saturday (September 7, 2019) I attended the IVAT 24th International Summit on Violence, Abuse & Trauma Across the Lifespan in San Diego CA. According to the event overview, “This Summit is a unique forum for professionals across all disciplines and philosophies to gather for in-depth exchange of current information on all facets of violence, abuse…

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