Attack by Stratagem

In this episode I will be talking about Chapter 3 of The Art of War: Attack by Stratagem.

Waging War

In this episode we discuss chapter 2 of The Art of War: Waging War.

Laying Plans

In this episode I discuss the first chapter of The Art of War, make some comparisons to von Clausewitz’s fascinating trinity, and tell you what is said without being said.

Heads Will Roll: Preface to The Art of War

In this episode I discuss the story of Sun Tzu training concubines to be a fighting force for the King of Wu and how it illustrates the power of sanctions to induce changes in the behavior of groups.

Taking a week off

Just wanted to tell everyone that I am taking a break this week and will be back next week with the first of several episodes on The Art of War. Thank you.

Introduction to The Art of War

In this episode I will talk briefly about various translations of the Art of War in preparation for a discussion of the book that will take place over the next several episodes.

Good Conflict

In this episode I will discuss good conflict and why it doesn’t happen as often as some people think it should.

The Battle of the Back Yard

In this episode we will have a little fun with the skills and knowledge we have been working on for the last nine episodes. I will tell the story of my battle with my dogs for control of the back yard and how conflict resolution skills are used to analyze

Conflict De-Escalation

Simply put, de-escalation is the process of calming and reassuring an agitated person. This allows them to disengage from their perceived conflict in a positive and, most importantly, nonviolent manner.


Mediation is the process of using a trained third party neutral to moderate a dispute or conflict. More practically, a mediator helps to keep the parties focused on resolving the dispute. Today we will be discussing some of the benefits and problems of mediation.

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