The State of Politics

It was only 3 days ago that President trump did an infomercial for his Doral resort in the hopes of hosting the 2020 G7 summit there. It seems like a lifetime ago. Most of the political outrages that take place these days, as a substitute for our politics, are quickly forgotten as we head into the next outrage.

Conservative politicians turn a blind eye to these outrages pretending that trump’s antics are the normal course of business. The hilariously misnomered liberal politicians pay a constant lip service to these outrages; however, they fail to do anything substantive about it (my guess is that they do not want to upset the donor classes that they share with  the conservative politicians). The media normalizes the behavior of a national leader who rules by tweet, who lies constantly and very obviously, and who has proven to be wildly inept as a world leader.

I suppose what pisses me off the most is the fealty of trump and the Republican party to Vladimir Putin. There is a reason for this that I am aware of: I am a veteran. When I was trained in warfare in the late 1980s contemporary doctrine was that we would be fighting Russians. I was in the army when the Berlin wall fell and during Tiananmen square; I know that times change.

I don’t expect that Russia, specifically a Russia led by cold warrior Putin, is a better friend to the United States than it was during the cold war. I may be a cynic, or I may have failed to change with the times, but I cannot stomach the obeisance being paid to Russia. Not just the direct slavishness paid to Russia by the Republicans, but the tolerance of these shenanigans by the Democrats demonstrated by their failure to do anything about it.

I hope I am not the only person who feels this way.

Picture borrowed from flickr of DonkeyHotey (excellent play on words)

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